Welcome to Whitbourne Lavender!

Our original plan with the purchase of the land was simple – to improve the appearance of the land and plant the fields with non-invasive, self-maintaining and physical attractive crops that would enhance the natural beauty of the land.

With this in mind, and several other criteria specific to our circumstances – low water and fertilizer needs, but with a discernible path to economic viability – we eventually arrived at lavender and an initial plan of simply planting the field and selling the crop for future processing/use.

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So in 2017, after considerable research, we set out to prepare part of the field, plant the initial 1,500 lavender starts, nurturing them as best we could and hoped for the best! After all, we lacked experience and couldn’t even say we had particularly green fingers!

The plants took spectacularly and rewarded us with a first-year crop far exceeding our expectation. Encouraged, we planted a further 4,000 plants. However, a new-found appreciation for the market economics of lavender raw materials, led to us reconsider our initial plan – to become economically sustainable, we would have to venture into value-added lavender product crafting.

Developing our own formulas, recipes and processes allows us to retain full product value within the venture… It also allows us to focus on quality by knowing intimately the source of our flowers, buds and essential oil – our own organic field.

And so we start the next chapter in our exciting journey!


All photos taken onsite at Whitbourne Lavender Farm by the Whitbourne Group.